En pointant sur la base de données qui a été choisie pour le développement. Virgo issues a warning on startup: Support fragment type when creating a new bundle project. Tomcat port-check ignores address-binding. Improve jpa fragment in Virgo web. Remote repository index schema is shared with dm-server.

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Refreshing a scoped WAB fails because new bundle identity has incorrect version. Update Commons Fileupload to 1. NPE when any non-Virgo server configuration defined. Unable to open an InputStream when running on Virgo. Relationships between Bundles will overwrite any existing relationship to be rendered.

RollingFile appender does not roll but copies files if logging volume becomes large.

Hibernate tools GA

Pop-up positions off the bottom of the current window. Fix OSGi bundle branding. Il faudrait rendre accessible une image de ce repository afin de s’assurer que la même configuration est utilisée sur tous les sites de développement! Dependency on Tanuki service wrapper. Add logout functionality to web-admin. Upgrade Equinox to v3.


Build with ant and Bundlor won’t update manifests in test directories.

Intégration d’Hibernate Tools dans Eclipse 3.4.1

Refreshing a scoped WAB fails because new bundle identity has incorrect version. Add pdf gen to docs build. Web admin console loses track of Gemini Management in hibednate user region after a plan is undeployed. Exporting a bundle project overwrites the manifest.

Collaborate with Libra on shared concerns. Delete unreferenced start directory from Greenpages sample.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Add vsh deploy subcommand to Virgo Kernel. Remove temporary conversion utility for old par files.

Configuration ePims pour le développement

Missing the maven dependencies for org. Incorrect « replacing weaver » INFO message.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Additional bash shell process. User region configuration properties are not visible via JMX. Not all Loggers get listed under « Logging ». Medic wrapping configuration not updated or used. Failure when attempting to scan bundle via jar URL:: Releases are not signed. Update compile dependencies for Snaps.

Configuration ePims pour le développement [ePims]

Management fragment breaks backward compatibility. Update Jolokia to 1. Variable substitution in templates not working. All projects do always get redeployed when changing anything.


Ripple can’t be started from anywhere other than eclipse-mirror. No feedback when an unresolvable bundle is deployed from the repository panel. Snaps for submenu with Snap-ContextPath.

Virgo P2 Repository is down. Shared Ivy cache tools-3.2.0.gw.zip incorrect dependency versions.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

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