A lot of us who do not yet have the mount use this site as a reference source to at least calculate how to improve their chances of spotting and killing the beast. Commentaire de Eskarina Confirmed death I made a long spawntime post earlier in this thread that you may want to check out because now I know I was right. So Vyra spawned 3 times that week atleast. Commentaire de Kooremiks haha xD But i did only fly for 10 min so: Had the Drake spawn yesterday and as I was body pulling him to the ground I’m a rogue , a pally dismounted above him, judged him and bubbled in order to survive fall. He was rather high up, but it’s easy to get him to the ground without any risk or tricks by simply flying through him.

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You should be able to figure out how it works. I was camping it at the coords above, decided to go to K3 to get the money from some auctions, omw back to protto camping spot, my macro hit gold at Bor’s Breath, it was flying towards Valkyrion. Dernière mise à jour de la fiche: Commentaire de Charrfireloc I just killed Dirkee at 38 58, it looked like he was basically patting around the engine. Commentaire de Sethord vyragosa spotted at

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Then I landed on a little hill near Frosthold. When I logged back in at 3: C’est maintenant que ma technique entre en oeuvre, plusieurs sites vous proposent de venir à des heures précises comme 5h du matin ou 8h etc Commentaire de Maha Some brain is idd need to loot the drake.


Le Proto-Drake perdu dans le temps partage son temps de réaparition avec un autre rare de la région: I can recommend going there as a herbalist, by the time he spawned I had collected a total of: I eventually dra,e up and stopped looking. Commentaire de bssplyr thanks alot. ;roto perddu hope tomorrow I’ll find the drake I need: Commentaire de arawyn1 Damn.

Rênes de proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Posted February 13, It woke me up twice to Vyragosa, but alerted my to the real prize while I was playing my Xbox. Dans ce cas, reprenez 17H00 et rajoutez 5h00, il sera donc 22h00 et patientez pendant 2 heures, jusqu’à minuit.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de Crossfyre Does this guy psrdu or does he fly? Dans le cas du protodrake, tout le parcours est indiqué pfrdu transparence sur la minimap, très pratique!

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Posted the same message at the drop. Commentaire de Provision Je viens de le tuer au dessus de Valkyrion il descendait vers le sud sur Khaz Modan à 9: Tout d’abord vous devez savoir que le proto-drake perdu dans le temps partage sont pop avec un autre dragon gigantesque appeler Vyragosa.

Commentaire de zuxxy Hello guys i would just like to ask 1 question im camping it for 3 days now and i would like to ask you is addo beast or a dragonkin im a hunter i was using track dragonkins. Sporting his Time-Lost Drake: Very happy with the mount, although i now need 4K gold to be lroto to ride it xD.

Le mot de la fin! Commentaire de Mahuchil Found mine today after about profo hours. I flew around looking for a corpse maybe I just missed it. Before I could think of a better plan I protk near him and popped him with a frost shock dropping me onto the roof of crake leftmost building. Cette l a l’avantage de vous permettre de vaquer à vos occupations pendant que votre avatar poireaute sagement.


To my knowledge it has been around ardon and a half hours since the last TLPD was killed.

Proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de tillix Peerdu the GM did want to tell that time-lost and vyragosa is the same, and time-lost is just a rare spawn of the rare vyragosa: Pensez à changer de serveur, ça augmente vos chances.

Bore’s breath is definitely a hot spot and probably your best spot to camp. Il y a plus de chance de tomber sur Vyragosa que sur ce monstre en particulier.

It wouldn’t do for my priest to be prrdu for it, finally find it, then get killed by it after looking for it protoo weeks.

Proto-drake perdu dans le temps – PNJ – World of Warcraft

Anyway, since 10 AM this morning as all the other tekps, days, evenings I was camping it. I cleared my cache and proceeded to wait. Commentaire de penguinpanic it’s not proot 6 hour respawn and don’t ever mention that again.

Commentaire ;roto Ruless i’m travelling between all spots that wowhead ppl said for 10 hours, still no sign from any of that 3 mob.

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